- American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier

5 Good Reasons To Buy American Hairless Terrier

In fact, there are much more reasons to do so, but it is exactly the features of this wonderful breed, which will be discussed further, that are making AHT such a wonderful and beloved pet for so many families all over the world.

Look, the king is naked!

That's right. American Hairless Terrier has no hair at all. Puppies are born with soft plushy fur, which will gradually fall and disappear. So finally - voila! - you become the owner of a dog that does not need any combing or hair clipping. Even if you would like to take your AHT to a dog show, you will not need to spend millions on any special grooming because your dog is always in a great condition, even if it had just woken up.

No to parasites!

Here we don't even have to explain. No wool - no fleas. End of story.

"In sickness and in health..."

Buying an American Hairless Terrier basically means getting yourself a true friend for life. These dogs in spite of their glamorous exotic appearance are not timid at all. "Velvet Cowboy" (that's how affectionately fanciers call this breed) comes from the terrier family - his character is not humble, you will not see AHT trembling with fear at the sight of strangers or from the sound of a car horn for example.
This is truly a dog for the whole family. Kids want to play fetch or hide and seek? With pleasure! Going early in the morning with the father of a family on a fishing trip? Wow, I'm ready! In the evening, mom goes with her friends to a cafe and she would like to bring her favorite dog? All her girlfriends will gasp with emotion!

Give a chance to people with allergies!

Taking into account that in fact there are no absolutely hypoallergenic breeds, we can safely say that the American Hairless Terrier  is a great choice for those who love dogs, but suffer from an allergy to dog's fur. Because ... That's right! AHT does not have any fur. At all, remember?

And another couple of words about fur

Or rather, about its absence. Is it not wonderful: you have a dog in the house but your armchairs, sofas and your clothes are absolutely fur free? No hair at all. Nowhere. Not even a tiny piece of it. Because the American Hairless Terrier does not shed. He has nothing to shed with.

But your grandma will always find herself a fascinating pastime - knitting another winter sweater for your beloved dog.

So this is our hero - an American Hairless Terrier. Cheerful and faithful - a favorite pet of all children and adults, a small intelligent dog (remember its terrier origins), a brave traveler and star of any dog show.

If you decided to buy an American Hairless Terrier puppy, please feel free to call us or write us an email and we will find you the best puppy of this wonderful breed.